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Funky haircuts for teens are often inspired by punk rock and Hollywood styles. Whether it's a classic Mohawk tipped in an offbeat fashion hair color, or an asymmetrical bob that channel's pop star Rihanna's famous haircut, these ideas are sure to breathe new life into alternative hairstyles.

Inspiration for Funky Haircuts for Teens

Being funky doesn't have to be classified by any given look. Your individuality will shine when you find a creative cut that works for your facial shape, hair type and lifestyle. If you want new inspiration for funky haircuts for teens, take a look at these resurrected styles and see if you are daring enough to flaunt them.

80s Perm

Back are the days of Madonna-inspired coifs. Today people want options, so why not go curly one day and straight the next? If your hair has natural texture and wave, you can easily flatten it out with an iron or a Brazilian blowout. Curls can be achieved with the use of curling irons and rollers. If you already have natural curls, just work with them and add texturizing cream to give them a shiny and more manageable modern twist.

For a more dramatic 80s style, opt for Taylor Swift-inspired curls and go for a real spiral perm. With fashion currently in an 80s trend, hair just may continue getting kinkier. If you want to wear funky fashions, playing with texture and curl is a great way to add an extra design element to your look.

Asymmetrical Styles

Asymmetrical styles are not for everyone. This type of haircut draws attention to the bone structure and may create too much of an imbalance to be appealing, but the end result can be favorably dramatic if done right. Being funky doesn't mean you can't look your best, so consider a thorough consultation when choosing this type of look.

For those a bit more mild-mannered, an asymmetrical style can be cut at nearly any length with plenty of fashion hair color options that can punch up the style without a drastic crop. While daring and different, asymmetrical styles can easily be fixed and balanced in just one haircut later. Should you decide an off balance style isn't your thing, the commitment is minimal, while the experience is fun and creative.


If you missed your chance to rock out with one of the most celebrated all girl rock bands, you can relive the stage days of Joan Jett with your own 80s-inspired shag. Longer bangs with shoulder-grazing ends can be spiked up for a funky look and textured throughout the top and the back for a funky resurrection of a favorite punk style. Shags are a sexy style that beg to be considered if you want to keep your length but need some drama and visual interest.

A shag is defined by cropped interior layers, making it a great cut for anyone with color treated hair and breakage from excessive damage. A shag can be a very versatile wash and wear cut, so be sure to consider the options of layers when you're looking for an exciting funky haircut.


Funky cuts always have a handful styles with bangs. Bangs are a great way to add drama and sharpen facial features. Whether you wear off center bangs or rock an asymmetrical fringe, adding a slice of interest at the hairline is a flattering way to break up your cut. Bangs work on nearly everyone. Ask your stylist what type would add the most versatility to your cut after considering your hair type and texture. While straight Betty Paige-look blunt bangs are dramatic, push away or side bangs are the most popular form today. Adding some style to your cut with bangs is a great way to show off your funky personality. For best results, consider your commitment and styling strategy before you make any cuts.

Create Your Own Funky Haircut

If you crave something different, these are just some of the design ideas you can incorporate into your next cut. You can easily get creative and do your own thing, opt for one of these styles, or do a combination of both for a modern take on funky style.

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Funky Haircuts for Teens