9 Color Melt Hair Ideas for Creative Blended Looks

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An update on the traditional two-tone ombre, color melting showcases a smoother transition from one color to the other so you're unable to tell where one hue starts and the other ends. It typically consists of two to three shades, blending all the highlights together to create a "melted" effect.

Conventional Melts

Featuring classic hues such as blonde, brown, black and red, conventional melts are soft, subtle, and seriously chic. As these type of melts are meant to look the most elegant, they require an advanced skill level that can only be achieved at a salon or by a hair professional.

Bronde to Blonde

Best suited to medium or olive skin tones, this charming minimalistic melt transitions from bronde (light brown/dark blonde) to light blonde. Ask your colorist to start the transition from midway down your length for the perfect balance of color that will work together to create a beautiful, brightening effect.

Bronde to blonde hair color

Brunette to Blonde

The brunette to blonde melt tends to be more prominent, but it doesn't contain the harsh lines of the traditional ombre effect. Like ombre though, melts with bold hues look best when paired with soft curls.

Plait your hair while it's wet and leave it to air-dry. Once you let it loose, you're left with gorgeous beachy waves. If you'd prefer a tighter curl, grab a curling iron and start working small sections of your hair. Run your fingers through your tresses at the end for a polished yet effortless result.

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Dark Brunette to Auburn

Best suited to fair or medium skin tones, this mesmerizing dark brunette melt features an alluring auburn hue at the ends. Auburn is a variety of red hair that ranges from medium to dark. It's commonly described as reddish-brown or dark ginger. Due to its versatility, auburn perfectly compliments all eye colors but is particularly breathtaking with green or blue eyes.

Dark brown to light brown hair color

Black to Light Brown

For a stunning visual contrast, opt for a melt with a black base and light brown transition color. Even though melts are gradual effects that are more visible when your hair is down, they can still produce a quirky and contemporary updo. Slick your locks back into a smooth high ponytail for a super sleek, stylish look.

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Copper to Strawberry Blonde

Classed as a mixture of red and bronze shades, copper hair is best suited to pale or medium complexions. It's a dazzling base color when teamed with strawberry blonde ends. Take care of your locks by using products that are specifically designed to nourish color-treated hair. These products include a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, plus a hair mask once a month.

Copper to strawberry blonde melting hair

Alternative Melts

Alternative melts consist of either traditional hues mixed in with non-conventional hues or a multitude of distinctive shades. They're designed to be more casual, eccentric, and carefree. Create your individualistic ensemble at home or ask a hair professional to help.

Mousy Brown to Pink

For a cool hipster melted look, opt for mousy brown roots and a bubblegum pink transition. To master the technique at home, start with a dark brown hue at your roots and switch to a medium brown transitioning shade halfway down. Finally, switch to a light pink at your tips.

Stylish girl with pink hair and glasses

Violet to Blue

This quirky violet purple to powder blue melt has a youthful and artistic feel. If you're feeling brave, invest in a permanent dye and get to work. If you're in the initial stages of dying your hair yourself and just want to experiment with this effect, opt for semi-permanent dye as this only lasts six weeks and fades progressively.

Violet to blue hair color

Chestnut to Ash Blonde

Containing a hue made popular by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, ash blonde is particularly striking as part of a melt effect with chestnut brown roots.

If you're a natural brunette, it's best to enlist the help of your local hair salon as your tresses will need to be stripped before they can be bleached with the ash blonde hue. Stripping can be extremely damaging, so make sure you apply a moisturizing oil or cream after you shampoo and condition your hair post-coloring.

Brown to ash blonde hair color

Dirty Blonde to Lilac

This dreamy pastel melt can be achieved by applying a lilac hue to a dirty blonde base. It's an ideal combination for fair skin tones, especially if you have blue eyes. If you have a darker skin tone or desire a louder aesthetic, opt for dark brown roots with a darker lavender or violet purple at the ends.

Blonde and purple ombre dyed hairstyle

Finding the Right Melt

As well as looking more natural and sun-kissed, melted hair is appealing because you can go for longer in between trips to the salon. The soft transitioning effect is just as understated as it is sophisticated. Experiment with shades to find what works best for your eye color and skin tone.

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