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There are many types of hair color remover. Some hair dye removers can be bought over the counter, and others may require a professional salon visit. The amount of color that needs to be removed will determine the particular approach and final outcome.

About Hair Color Remover

There are three main types color removers:

Harsh Detergents

A harsh detergent remover is a cheap and easy way to lighten up your freshly colored hair anywhere from half to one shade. Just grab your dish washing or laundry detergent and lather up at least three times, rinsing with warm water to hot water in between each shampoo. Cold water will set your color, so always use the warmest water you can withstand.

Hair Bleaching Products

While hair products containing bleach are very successful in removing color and unwanted tones from the hair, they can sometimes be a little too harsh. Depending on the color that needs to be removed, a bleach shampoo mixture is the most gentle approach, while a full strength bleach stripper may require several applications and will definitely need to be toned with another color. Never use household bleach on your hair; use products speciallty formulated for the hair.

Shrinking Treatments

Color molecule shrinking treatments are generally the healthiest alternative for severe hair color mistakes. This treatment can only be found in specialty salons. Color molecule treatments work by mixing two components that are applied to your hair and require heat to gently shrink, not strip, the color out of your hair. Generally a few treatments are required for best results, meaning this can result in a very costly service. However, the results are conditioned, healthy hair free of the undesired color.

When to Remove Hair Color

Here are a few different scenarios that may require the use of a hair color remover.

  • Salon error: If you just left the salon and your hair color is too dark, a reputable salon should remedy this at no additional cost to you, as well as make immediate arrangements to accommodate your service. Keep in mind, depending on the porosity of your hair, color will probably lighten up after several shampoos. The more healthy your hair is, the longer it will hold onto your color. This is especially important to consider when it comes to maintaining the health and integrity of your hair.
  • At-home mistakes: If the creative bug found you in the color department of your local drugstore, you may end up needing a hair color remover to mask your mistake. Tread carefully in the at-home color spectrum. Boxed colors hardly to take true to shade because of the varied porosities and undertones of most hair types. A professional stylist has been trained in all aspects of the color wheel, which is an advanced art. Rather than take to the bottle at home and end up with a tone or color that needs to be professionally removed, save your pennies and pay for professional color services.
  • Need a change: If you've gone black and gothic for years, it may be time for a well-needed change. Removing your hair color is necessary before you can start over. Nothing looks worse than six months of grown out lighter roots, so before you can stop coloring your hair, you'll need to remove it. Unless red-orange hair color is what you're going for, this extensive process is best recommended in the salon. Be prepared to spend both time and money for this service.

Before you use color at home, request a too-dark shade in the salon, or commit to an unnaturally darker hue, it pays to consider whether you may be left with regrets that need to be corrected later. Hair color products that remove color can be difficult to use, damaging and costly. Make all decisions pertaining to your hair color wisely to avoid the need for a removal service later.

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