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Hair highlights chunking is perfect if you desire creative and artistically placed hair highlights but are still searching for an affordable coloring option.

Hair Highlights Chunking Techniques

While certainly not the most common of hair highlights, chunking techniques offer a unique color application that can be custom fit for both your hair and your lifestyle. Unlike allover hair highlights, chunking is artfully placed and generally more eye-catching. Whether you've grown tired of high-maintenance highlight applications or simply want to spiff up a solid hair color without swallowing a big expense, hair color chunking may be an excellent choice. Take a look at the following ways chunked color can add drama and appeal to a basic cut:

  • Add a chunk of blonde to an allover brunette base to open up your face without a full or partial highlight commitment.
  • If you're reverting back to your natural hue due to excessive highlighting damage, rest assured you can still capture a bit of blonde. Since chunking only involves one or several large panels of hair, your colorist can more carefully place the color, which is especially important if your suffering from damaged or split ends that would benefit from a highlight vacation.
  • Separate your base color with defined streaks and panels for an alternative or emo-style that is sure to turn heads.
  • Add a few chunks of blonde under razored bangs to create peek-a-boo bangs that immediately pop when your style changes direction.
  • Change your part and change your style with chunked highlights that can be moderate to minimal depending on how you wear them.
  • Not every chunk has to blonde. Opt for darker colored chunking techniques if you want to add depth and drama to your style.
  • Define the asymmetrical or edgy lines of your cut with chunked color that works to move with your style. A talented stylist and colorist (if working separately) can collaborate their ideas prior to the work to ensure your color works harmoniously with your new cut.

Chunking Hair at Home

Since chunking techniques are much easier to apply than traditional foil highlights, many people obviously opt to try their own creative hand at the process. Should you daringly decide to mix up the bleach and start painting your own chunks, follow these tips for the best results:

  1. Never plan on lifting your natural hair color more than two shades. This standard rule of thumb should always be followed with home hair coloring to avoid costly and unexpected results. Furthermore, never try to lift colored hair at home. Previously colored tresses may or may not lift evenly, so be prepared for potential pitfalls and book your hair appointment with a professional.
  2. Keep sections thin. The goal of chunking is to create wide strips of color, but that doesn't mean color should be applied in the same fashion. If you're opting for any chunks over 1/4" inch thick, take that same section and break it into three separate foils to ensure the hair has plenty of exposure to the product while minimizing the chance of bleed marks at the scalp or splotchy color.
  3. Finally, make sure you apply heat to your highlights at home. One of the benefits of visiting a hair salon for highlights is the additional color lifting help made possible from an electric hair dryer. If you're chunking your hair at home, cover your foils with a shower cap once they're complete to help lift the color. Donning a showercap will help even more, whereas applying direct heat from your blow dryer sporadically during the lifting process will also ensure your locks are lifted properly.

Love Your Color

If you're just experimenting with the world of chunked highlights, you're bound to fall in love with the versatility and endless creative options behind the craft and the look. Make sure you consider all options when it comes to touching up your style. Perhaps your next salon appointment may include either the addition of a few more chunks, or a bold section of brunette locks cascading down your platinum hair. No matter what type of style and cut you choose, you can really define your personality with chunky hair coloring. If you're otherwise comfortable with your base hair color and just want to mix-up your color with a fashion forward look, chunking hair highlights are sure to offer the best of both worlds.

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