New Years Hair Accessories

Adorn your locks with sparkle!

If you want to add some festive sparkle to your hair on the last night of the year, why not consider New Years hair accessories?

Add Sparkle to Your Style

No matter your hair type, style or length, you can sport New Years hair accessories to add that special dose of fancy to your night. While your hair style may be casual or informal at best, a unique hair accessory promises to take your look up a notch with little effort or commitment from you. Whether you decide to book an appointment with your stylist for a special occasion updo before painting the town red, or simply wash and wear your natural style while watching the big apple drop from home, these simple accessories will help you celebrate in style.

Types of New Years Hair Accessories

If you want the best selection of hair accessories for New Year's eve, then shop ahead and keep your eyes open throughout the year for fancy and gilded hair pieces. Upscale department stores usually sell a number of fancy hair adornments throughout the year that can easily be worn on New Year's eve as well as any other glamorous occasion. Small accessory boutiques and inexpensive retail fashion chains also offer trendy hair accessories in plenty of sparkling styles. The following hair accessories are easy to wear and can be found in many festive designs:

  • Headbands: Without a doubt, headbands are the easiest hair accessory to wear and can be added to any style with little effort. For a trend right style, opt for a sparkling or sequined headband in a gold or silver finish. With their ease of wear, a headband can be paired with a ponytail, a bobbed hair style, a braided coif, or to hold back a grown out bang. Gold headbands are readily available year round, and are even more festive come the holiday season.
  • Sparkling Barrettes: Barrettes are one of the better kept secrets in the beauty industry. Not many people wear them, yet they are a fantastic solution for holding back layered hair styles and keeping hair off the face. For New Year's, start your search for a celebratory barrette with the date, a big sequined apple, or even a "Happy New Year" verse. Speciality barrettes can be found on the Internet and on eBay. Start searching for a specialized piece in advance and set your purchase aside for the big night.
  • Hair Sticks: Hair sticks are a great option for securing longer hair styles. If you want a festive option, you can create your own adorned stick with little more than glitter and glue. Decorate your own set of hair sticks for New Years and get crafty by sprinkling glitter in a variety of colors onto your wooden hair sticks and slip them into a high ponytail, a chignon or a swept up bun for a carefree yet elegant style.

Make Your Own Accessory

A bit of advance planning on your style and accessories will ensure you have festive hair on New Year's eve. Make sure you know how you will wear your style prior to buying any hair accessories, and be sure you can actually insert the piece into your hair without the help of a professional if you decide to do your own hair for the night. While there are plenty of fashion forward hair accessories available for New Year's celebrations, you can create your own by adhering gilded numbers, feathers, sequins and sparkles to any preexisting hair accessory. Shop your local craft store for unique and festive adornments and glue them to a hair accessory with a hot glue gun for best results. With a bit of creativity, you can wear a casually elegant or over-the-top hair accessory that will help you celebrate the biggest night of the year in style.

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New Years Hair Accessories