37 Hair Salon Names From Elegant to Clever

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If you plan on opening your own hair salon, you'll need to create an enticing and interesting hair salon name that draws attention to your establishment while defining the type of clientele you serve. Below you'll find ideas and suggestions for creating the perfect hair salon name. Bear in mind any business name should be well thought out before committing. Just like naming a child, a business name should reflect current and future trends in effort to remain timeless and perennial.

Popular Hair Salon Names

No matter what city you're located in, there are plenty of hair salon names that are used over and over again despite the fact they have no relation to one another. The following names are just some examples of tried and true beauty salon business names that can be found in many cities:

  • Shear Desire
  • A Cut Above
  • Scissori
  • Perfect Cuts
  • Classic Cuts

Creating a Unique Salon Name

While popular hair salon business names are a rather safe bet, many salon owners seek creative and unique names to set their business apart from the others. If your goal is to create a memorable name, you'll need to think outside of the box and really brainstorm your mission statement while minding your product lines and technical level.

To define a unique or concept salon, it helps to create a vibe within your four walls. Consider the atmosphere you want to evoke as well as the clientele you will be serving.

Serene Salon Names

If you've opted for a more serene hair salon environment including spa services, the following salon names may be appropriate:

  • The Ritual Salon and Spa
  • Rapunzel's Salon
  • The Green Room
  • Avalon Salon
  • Cocoon

Funky or Artistic

For a funky, cool, or artistic salon and boutique, consider the following original names:

  • Orange Salon
  • Dharma Salon and Spa
  • Tryst Salon
  • The Artist Room
  • Bleu Hair Salon
  • Velvet Spa
  • Cutting Edge
  • Persona
  • The Studio

Sophisticated and Classic

If you plan on serving a more sophisticated and classic clientele, think along those lines and create a hair salon name synonymous with class such as:

  • Classy Lady Salon
  • An Elegant Cut
  • Hair Sophisticate
  • Classy Shears
  • Upper Crust Hair Salon
  • Superior Salon
  • Mode Salon
  • Blue Note
  • The Parlor

Personal Connection

Yet another idea is to name your salon after a favorite object, person or place that you have a personal connection with, or that embodies the vibe that you want to create:

  • Little Bird Salon
  • Madeleine
  • Pienza Salon
  • Ferdinand Salon and Spa

Catchy Names

A catchy name with a little humor injected is another great way to make a memorable impression, and is sure to help with word of mouth. Some ideas are:

  • Side Part
  • Bits and Bobs
  • Layer Theory
  • The Blunt Cut
  • The Curl
  • Permeate Salon

Register Your Name

Once you've decided upon a hair salon name, you'll need to reserve availability and register or license the name with your city's Board of Licenses. There are several fees involved with establishing a business, so be sure to contact the city in which you plan on conducting business prior to registering so that you're prepared for both the process and costs.

Design Your Logo

After you name has been officially registered, you can begin designing a hair salon logo that will be used on all forms of signage and advertisement. If you're creative you can design a logo yourself either freehand or with a computer design program. Otherwise, you may want to enlist the service of a professional graphic designer to ensure your logo and name work together harmoniously.

Tips and Advice

Choosing a hair salon business name is an extensive process and should be considered with much care. While results are certain to vary, the following tips have all been proven to help establish the popularity and capital success of a hair salon:

  • Name your salon with one of the beginning letters of the alphabet so that it appears first in the phonebook, making it all the more likely that you'll receive potential customer calls first.
  • Include the words hair or beauty in your name to ensure that potential drive-by customers know what type of business you are.
  • Keep it simple and refrain from wordy names; simple one syllable titles often work best and are the easiest to remember.

Basic Salon Supplies

While a beauty salon name is just one of the exciting determinations in a business plan, there are many other costs and expenditures to plan before opening a salon's doors. If you're ready to take your career to the next level and become your own salon owner, be sure to read Hair Salon Equipment to begin an inventory list of basic salon supplies.

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