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Homecoming Hair Photos

Voluptuous Volume

Homecoming is like practice for prom, so it's a great time to try out fun and flirty homecoming hairstyles.

For a playful spin on an old classic like the French twist, try adding some volume and height at the crown area for a look that's still sleek and chic, yet fun and flirty at the same time. Create the look by teasing hair just at the crown area and carefully smoothing the top layers to avoid the dreaded rat's nest look. To up the flirt factor, sport dramatic falsies on your eyes for an extra dose of drama.

Elaborate Twists

If you have a flair for the elegant try a classic, yet intricate updo with elaborately pinned curls. Keep hair super smooth and frizz free by blow drying hair with a smoothing serum before curling ends and pinning around the crown.

Add a spritz of shine spray to the finished style for an extra glossy 'do.

Wavy and Flowing

Love your strands so much you don't want to pull them into an updo? There's no reason you can't feel just as formal with a loose, wavy style. To keep the look special and not so everyday, create a deep side part so your strands softly sweep over your face.

Be sure to sprtiz locks with a flexible hold hairspray before creating the waves to make sure they maintain their shape and won't fall flat mid-dance.

Messy Side Bun

Going for a more casual feel? Why not sport a slightly messy side bun for that 'undone' look? Pulling the bun to the side makes it more modern and fresh, and leaving a few pieces sticking out keeps the look fun and whimsical.

Just be sure to keep the top part of your hair sleek and smooth to keep the look chic and not too messy looking.

Edgy Chic

If you're more rocker girl than pretty princess, make sure your style falls in line with your personal taste by sporting an edgy, yet glam tousled updo for homecoming.

This look is all about texture so don't be afraid to let the frizz come through. Haphazardly pin curls on top of head, leaving out a few tendrils so the style isn't too perfect looking.

Forego hairspray and allow the style to evolve as you dance the night away.

Simple and Understated

For a truly low maintenance, no fuss style that still looks polished and put together, try a modified pony. No need to head to a pro and spend a lot of money, you can easily create this chic style yourself at home. First, blow dry hair smooth and straight, then pull back into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Tuck the bottom half of the tail into your elastic and finish with a spritz of light hold hairspray to keep everything in place.

Timeless Polish

For a look that exudes classic polish, a super sleek bun creates a timeless look that goes perfectly with a traditional homecoming dress. It's best to head to a pro for this look because it's all about perfection and not a hair out of place.

Keep accessories simple and just sport a classic strand of pearls and you'll be a red-carpet beauty at your homecoming dance.

Perfectly Accessorized

To add a flirty twist to a traditional curly updo, try adding a fun accessory, like a headband to your 'do. You can choose a headband that matches your dress, or one in a contrasting, but coordinating shade.

You can dress the look up further by looking for headbands with embellishments such as feathers or jewels to really stand out at your homecoming dance.

Viewing even more homecoming hairstyle pictures can help you choose the look that works for you best.

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Homecoming Hair Photos