Runway Hair Tips and Trends

8 Runway Tips and Trends

The different runway hair tips and trends are varied and flattering enough that many will want to try them.

The trends start with poker straight style. This is a great look for anyone who has delicate facial features, or for the individual who enjoys a hair style that puts the emphasis on the face.

Tip: For hair this straight, it may be best to use a flat iron. This way, you are more likely to tame wayward cowlicks and flyaways.

Trend Two: Mirror-Like Shine

Super shiny hair is prolific on the catwalk. Even better is the fact that just about everyone looks great in shiny locks.

Tip: Get this look by investing in a shine enhancing serum or spray as these products are designed to make hair look luminous.

Trend Three: Straight Up

Hair that goes straight up often has an added benefit; it helps to elongate the graceful curves of the neck and often helps you to look younger.

Tip: Hair gel that dries to a natural finish, and/or mousse that does the same is a must for this style.

Trend Four: Cascading Waves

What woman wouldn't want to look like a goddess? The best part about this style is not only is it feminine, but it's relatively easy to achieve.

Tip: Remember, you want hair that's wavy, not curly, for this style. One of the best ways to get this look is by parting slightly damp hair in the middle and braiding the back. For waves that stay, sleep in your braid and finger comb out the waves in the morning.

Trend Five: Accessories

Cut hats are back in a big way and that means you can look like a super model, even if you are having a bad hair day.

Tip: Choose a hat that complements your hair color. Redheads look great in army greens, blondes shine in blacks and brunettes often look fabulous in straw hats as well as the colors of soft grey and white.

Trend Six: Seaworthy style

What do you get when you combine nautical prints and pin-up girl hair? Plenty of style!

Tip: Use large curlers to achieve this model's style, but don't brush your hair. Instead, finger comb your locks to artfully arrange them.

Trend Seven: Big Bangs

Bangs are often in style because they convey a sense of youth that helps to soften the face.

Tip: For bangs this thick, it's best to work with hair that is naturally thick. A hair professional can help you achieve this style.

Trend Eight: Braids

Braids are fun to wear and easy to pull off.

Tip: To get this princess-like style, work with freshly shampooed hair and have plenty of clips on hand to hold your new do in place.

Whether it's a cute and unique updo, or a long straigth style, you can make the trends work to your advantage. Just modify them to suit your personal style, and you'll shine.

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Runway Hair Tips and Trends