Summer Hairstyle Gallery

Easy Styles: Summer Hair Models

If you are not sure what kind of hair style to employ during the warmer months, then why not look towards summer hair models for a bit of inspiration?

Point in case is this fabulous beach-ready wavy look. This style doesn't look as if you are trying too hard, but is still quite sexy.

Sun-Kissed Locks

If your hair can handle the color without damage, then you might want to consider lightening up your tresses by a shade or two.

This way your hair can have a truly sun-kissed style.

Subtle Highlights

On the other hand, if your hair is too dark in tone to be lighted substantially, then consider subtle red highlights.

Not only will you get that golden sheen, but the slightly brighter touch of color looks very appropriate for the warmer weather.

Cutting It Close

A close-cropped hair style is not for everyone, but if you have beautiful features like this model does, then this style might be the perfect way to greet those warm temps.

Beautiful Braids

Braids are not only fun and easy to do, but they are a wonderful style for when the weather turns warm.

Even better is the fact that you have so many options, from thick all-over braids to subtle face-framing styles, you'll have fun just choosing.

Short and Sleek

This easy, breezy style is right at home no matter the season, but it works particularly well when it's hot outside.

Don't forget to add a bit of shine enhancer to your hair for a similar mirror-like finish.

Stylish Summer Bangs

Bangs, whether thick and luxurious or wispy and full of moment, are another stunning summer hairstyle that you can choose. The added movement and texture of bangs makes a nice change for a summer style.

The Quintessential Short 'Do

This model's summer look is so effortless; you can't help but envy her style.

Note, however, that this short 'do works best on hair that is naturally fine in texture.

Sleek and Summery

Ponytails look good no matter what your age is, but the key to looking this good lies in the hair's sleek look.

Once again, you'll want to have some finishing cream on hand to help tame flyaways and to keep locks shiny.

See even more great styles in with these runway hair tips and trends.

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Summer Hairstyle Gallery