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From sporty to funky, there are plenty of hairstyles for teenage boys regardless of hair type and length. If you want to make a fashionable statement with your hair you can find a cut that's perfect for your features and personality. A small change such as a new cool haircut can really boost your confidence and help you look great.

Inspiring Hairstyles for Teen Boys

Getting ideas for hairstyles for teen boys is simple once you look to pop culture and celebrity inspiration. Popular movies and music artists play a significant role in men's hair trends. The following hairstyles all draw some celebrity star power to keep them as strong contenders on the cool hairstyle list.

Find a basic style that suits you from the few below, and have a talented hair stylist recreate a version perfect for your hair type and length. For the more daring and fashion forward, rely on hair color or highlighting techniques to create even edgier styles. There's never been a better time to grow out your boy locks into a cool shaggy haircut.

Get inspired with the following cool haircut suggestions:


Whether you celebrate bedhead styles for their indie roots or have grown to appreciate them from watching your girlfriend drool over Robert Pattinson throughout the onscreen Twilight series, long and layered shaggy locks are always cool. If you have textured or wavy hair, this cut is for you. Ask your stylist (yes a stylist!) to add some texture to your ends and piece them out with a molding wax and pomade. Day old hair works best so get used to the roll-out-of-bed freedom of this cut.

Sharp and Chiseled

Sharp and chiseled styles are perfect for a prominent and strong jaw. If you have distinctive features, show them off in a short and cropped style like celebrities Zac Efron or Ryan Seacrest. A lightweight gel will help control shape while adding a slight sheen that exudes sophistication and prep appeal.


If you want a truly maintenance-free hairstyle that oozes confidence, why not opt for a cropped style like soccer superstar David Beckham? Buzz cuts are perfect for the athlete who needs a carefree grooming ritual without sacrificing looks. Wash and go in a cropped style that shows off your strong and masculine build. To add some style to your cut, work a gel pomade through the hair you've got and go for a sexy and wet look.

Visit a Stylist

If it's time to move from the barber chair into a trendy hair salon, make sure you book an appointment with a stylist who knows trendy men's cuts for best results. Be sure to bring lots of ideas to your appointment and don't be shy. If you want to mimic your favorite male celebrity or athlete, speak up! Communicate with your hairdresser and be sure to take his advice on your grooming needs and even his styling product recommendations. After your cut, be sure to book your next appointment six weeks in advance to maintain your shape while ensuring an appointment with your favorite stylist.

Teenage boys have plenty of hairstyles that can help define their personal style while working within their maintenance needs. Whether you go trendy and celebrity inspired and even opt for some highlights or keep things simple and basic with a traditional cropped cut, it's no longer unusual for young men to take interest in their style. While many men still wear conservative short classic men's styles, others are venturing into the world of stylish grooming. Use this change in hair trends to experiment with a variety of styles and products to create a cool look of your own.

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Hairstyles for Teenage Boys