Layered Bob Hairstyles

Choppy, razored bob

Layered bob hairstyles are extremely versatile haircuts, which might explain why celebrities like Sharon Stone, Reese Witherspoon, and Katie Holmes have recently been seen sporting the style.

Layered Bob Hairstyles are Always Fashionable

Since the 1920s, women have been choosing the layered bob for various reasons:

  • The style is universally flattering on every face shape.
  • Layered bobs work well for all hair types, including straight, curly, coarse, and fine.
  • Essentially a wash and wear style, the layered bob is extremely easy to care for.

Versions of the Layered Bob

Chin Length

The chin length bob is easy to style, and the layering provides fullness and movement to the style. It can be parted low on one side for a dramatic look, and one side can be tucked behind the ear while the other side falls forward.

Styling a Chin-Length Bob With Layers

  1. Apply styling foam to shampooed and towel-dried hair, concentrating from the root area out through the ends.
  2. Blow the hair dry with a large round brush.
  3. If your hair is straight and you are looking for more curl on the ends, curl the hair with a large-barreled curling iron (at least one and a half inches in diameter) in the crown and top areas. Backcomb the hair slightly at the base of the crown and mist with a flexible hold hair spray.
  4. To give a sleek look to curly hair, use a flat iron, gently curving the ends under. To protect the hair from heat damage and add more shine, spray a thermal protectant onto each strand as you use the flat iron.

Flippy Layered Bob

The flippy bob features layers in the bottom two inches of the style and sometimes includes highly-texturized bangs. By layering the lower two inches of the hair, some of the bulk is removed, allowing the style to flip up or curve under slightly. To keep the traditional bob shape, it is important that not all of the bulk is removed from the bottom of the style.

Styling the Flippy Bob

  • The flippy bob may be blown dry with a large round brush, turning the ends out slightly with a large curling iron or a flat iron. Sweep the bangs gently to the side or over one eye.
  • For a loose, casual look, you can also apply a styling gel or mousse to the freshly shampooed, towel-dried hair, scrunch it with your hands, and allow it to air dry. When the hair is dry, break the style up a little by running your fingers through it, keeping the curls large and chunky.

Razored Bob

Razor cutting a bob will create an abundance of layers, adding a great amount of movement and texture. For a more conservative daytime look, you can blow dry this bob smooth, defining the layers and wispy, razored ends with a bit of styling wax. For evening, you can opt for a messy, tousled look, emphasizing the piecy, choppy ends. A shag-like, razored bob is perfect for fine, straight hair, and works equally well for thick hair by removing bulk and creating movement.

Styling a Razored Bob

Styling a bob with razor-cut layers is a snap: just apply styling gel to towel-dried hair, create direction and texture with your fingers, and allow to air dry.

Layered Bobs are Elegantly Chic

Because of their classic look, versatility and ease of styling, layered bob hairstyles will always be popular. Whether the layers are soft and gentle or edgy and choppy, they will create movement and texture in the style, making it flattering for women of all ages, facial shapes, and hair types.

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