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Princess Diana hairstyles were one of the most copied styles in the 1980's. If your hair didn't look like Madonna, it looked like Princess Diana. The combination of short tapered layers with loose feathered curl on the top was the style of choice for shorter hair.

Different Princess Diana Hair Looks

Princess Diana wore her own signature hair cut and that was it. Subtle variations of her infamous cut were made throughout her years in the public eye but for the most part she wore a classic tapered haircut whether on playful outings with her beloved boys or walking down the aisle in her coveted wedding gown.

Women who appreciated Princess Diana's clean and tailored sense of style came to love her easy to wear cut and looked forward to seeing the many ways Diana wore it. The combination of clean lines and a softer texture around the fringe was practical, feminine and effortless all at once.

While years have passed since Princess Diana has inspired the world with her hairstyle, her basic short layered haircut can be worn today and still look as elegant as ever. Take a look at the many ways Princess Diana modified her beautiful style.

Newlywed Years

Princess Diana's earliest style was feathered and full with lots of short layers. The abundance of lift from Diana's style made it perfect for washing and wearing with just a quick curling iron touch-up. Diana's soft layers were feminine and pretty.

Paired with conservative suits and dresses and full bangs, this early style is comparable to a short Farrah Fawcett shag style with lots of frosted highlights and separation. Whether you opt for hot rollers or Velcro rollers, add fullness to your cut to create Diana's signature feathered shape.

Separation from Prince Charles

As Princess Diana's style shifted to a more sophisticated look, her hair followed in suit. Layers were sleeker, longer and less styled. She wore her bangs flat and pushed to the side in a softer and more modern fashion. As her independence grew, Diana experimented with a more serious style. A vent or paddle brush and a blow dryer can create Diana's sleek style

Prior to Passing

Just before Princess Diana's untimely passing, her signature short style was longer and and a bit more tailored. Her bangs were set deeper allowing for a fall into place style while the sides and back of her cut graced her nape and flipped slightly in a sexier fashion.

Her last variation of a short style drew a fine line between short and medium. This in-between layered style is an elegant and fresh way to wear a short style. When paired with soft push aside bangs, Lady Di's last style was at its peak of chic.

Get the Cut

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If you want to resurrect the tapered look of a Princess Diana hairstyle you must have medium to thicker textured hair with a slight wave. Book an appointment with a reputable stylist and bring lots of pictures for authentic inspiration for any of her basic styles.

While you may vary the length of your hair a bit, the basis of the cut should remain the same to achieve the classic and simple silhouette of Princess Diana. Princess Di wore a modified page boy cropped cut with feathered and brushed back bangs.

For the most part, Princess Diana's general cut stayed the same, while the styling and length changed significantly through the years. Styling is easy with Princess Diana's basic cut. A vented brush and blow dryer may be all you need to style your hair with ease. If your hair is finer, a curling iron and a body perm will help you to get the look as well.

While a pageboy cut is often considered a more mature style, younger women can wear Princess Diana cuts and make them entirely youthful and feminine. Consider pairing your tapered style with a striking hair color to put a new spin on an old classic. Ebony or red hair can create a striking balance of edgy yet conservative. Play with variations of this style to create a look that works with your own hair type and fashion sense.

Princess Diana Hair Color

As a natural dark blonde, Princess Diana relied on highlighting or frosting techniques to lighten up the hairline while brightening her already glowing complexion. Shorter hair paired with highlights adds movement and sexy separation, so be sure to add a color service to your haircut appointment to recreate Princess Diana's look even more.

If you're not ready to commit to a full head of highlights, opt for a partial weave and request that most of your highlights be placed around your face and throughout your bangs to lighten up your style and keep it from appearing to heavy or unbalanced.

While a Princess Diana haircut is endlessly versatile, short tapered cuts also require commitment and maintenance to look their best. Whether it's a basic pageboy or a modified pixie cut, short hair is not exactly low maintenance despite the ease in styling. If you're ready to wear a classic and elegant style just like Princess Diana, you'll need to ensure you have the time and means to book regular hair trims every 6 to 8 weeks with potential bang trims in between on a as-need basis.

A Style Fit for a Princess

Princess Diana was well-coifed and tailored with hardly so much as a hair out of place. To mimic her elegant and feminine style, you'll need to be just as diligent in your grooming routine. Keep hair in a healthy state and rely on a lightweight grooming cream to tame flyaway while imparting a gorgeous glow fit for the world's most beloved princess.

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