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Short layered hair
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If you want a low maintenance style with plenty of movement, why not consider any of the following short layered hairstyles? Shorter layers offer the ease of manageability with all the playfulness of their longer version counterparts. Take a look at these styling suggestions and get inspired for your next cut. In addition, seek out design ideas in your favorite fashion magazines, they can be a great inspiration.

Today, celebrities like Rihanna, Meg Ryan and Katie Holmes have all sported a short layered cut with plenty of sex appeal. Don't discount the ease and femininity of a modern and short cut. If you want to set yourself apart from a room of medium length styles, these ideas are for you.

Short Layered Hairstyles and Ideas

Short hair is a popular solution for anyone with an unruly hair texture or a wash and go personality. In addition to lifestyle preferences, shorter hair also fits plenty of facial shapes and body proportions, making it a great choice for anyone wanting to show off their cheekbones or facial features rather than hide behind a swath of hair. Before you turn away from the idea of shorter locks, take a look at the many layered short styles that increase the versatility of a short style.

  • Layered bobs: Layered bobs are a great way to incorporate shorter tresses with a modern and timeless shape. A bob is a perfect style option for the career minded professional that wants a serious, yet feminine cut. With the addition of layers, the already chic bob has increased movement and shape.
  • Shags: Nothing screams effortless style louder than a layered shag. Need a design inspiration? Just think of Meg Ryan in the chick-flick You've Got Mail. A playful and layered shag works perfect from the professional woman to the stay at home mom, and anyone in between. This style is also ageless, so feel free to consider the versatility and quirkiness of this cut.
  • Pixies: Pixie cuts are the shortest version of the these short layered hairstyles. Pixies work great on anyone with delicate facial features and smaller body frames. Spark up a great pixie cut with some bold highlights and you're sure to turn heads with this cute and carefree look.

Styling Suggestions

Styling short layers will require some daily maintenance. Unlike longer hair which can sometimes be worn two to three days without shampooing, short cuts normally require more maintenance. Fortunately, with shorter hair, this also takes less time to style. A blow dryer, a medium bristle vented brush and plenty of styling wax, pomades, mousses or texturing creams are essential for a variety of looks for these short layered tresses.

If you want to add some edge to your pixie or shag cut, be sure to get creative and play with all the versatility and options with your cut. Try wearing your hair wavy if is natural, or add some curl with an iron. Short doesn't have to be serious. With a playful attitude, you can sport a variety of flirtatious looks.

Hair Accessories and Color

In addition to the versatility of a shorter style, you can personality to your cut with creative color and hair accessories. Headbands, rhinestone barrettes and embellished bobby pins can help support a baby bang as it grows out, while a headband can add some drama to a timeless shag. Coloring services can also add interest to your short layered style. Consider an allover color with a dramatic chunk of color in the bang, or opt for a solid fashion hue for an edgy statement. A creative colorist can guide you in creating a signature look. Seek out a reputable stylist in your area and consult with them prior to making the cut.

While a short cut isn't on everyone's list, many more people could be happy with the results simply by taking a chance. If you think a shorter style is for you, toss around ideas with your stylist and find a shape that suits you.

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