Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles

Shoulder length hair.
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If you want to keep your length while adding sexy movement and waves, you may be the perfect candidate for shoulder length layered hairstyles.

Benefits of Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles

Many women who favor romantic and sexy looks opt for shoulder length layered hairstyles for their undeniable feminine appeal. Longer layers can go from straight and sleek to full-bodied and wavy with the help of a variety styling tools and products. Layers can also fix plenty of styling challenges, including irregular wave patterns, flat hair or unruly volume. In addition, layers can help remove weight while maintaining the overall length of the hair.

There's plenty of reasons to consider layers if you want a look that is timeless yet offers versatility. Take a look at the many ways you can style shoulder length layered hairstyles and get inspired!

Styling Options

The following design ideas prove longer layers don't have to be boring.

  • Curls: You can rock natural curls or create waves in layered hair with ease. Layered styles have less weight than one length tresses, making it even easier to support and hold curl on textured hair. Using curl enhancing products and a texturizing cream to smooth frizz and control wave is the best way to style curls with layers. Let hair air dry and gently break up ringlets with your fingers.
  • Straight: For fine straight hair, style your layers and maximize your volume with volumizing tonic and a mousse to build up the body before your blowdry tresses. When styling, using round brushes or hot rollers will give you superior lift and smooth volume with movement.
  • Wavy: Wavy layers are the perfect sexy summer style. By using a large curling iron or setting the hair in jumbo rollers will give your shoulder length layered haircut a bohemian feel. Adding braids and plaits to layered waves helps to add interest and texture to the style.

Rules of Layers

While layers are generally a flattering styling option for most people, the wrong type of layer on your cut can be a disaster and a styling mishap. Avoid choppy layers that fail to blend and make sure your stylist goes easy on a razor or blending shear. While both of these implements can break up the bulk of the hair, they are often overused in layered styles and result in making work than necessary in daily styling, not to mention straggly ends that can appear weak or brittle from over styling.

If you have a rounder face, shorter layers around the face may be a good option to slenderize your facial shape and highlight cheekbones.

If you have curly hair, be sure to avoid the triangle effect which occurs by cutting the top layers too short and leaving too much weight along the bottom of your style. Something more blended with longer layers would work best for this hair texture. In addition, avoid fighting your curls and smoothing them to the point of damage. Products are essential for controlling curly hair types.

If hair is straight and fine, avoid choppiness in your layers by asking for layers that are well blended and grace only the bottom few inches of your cut. Believe it or not, finer hair is one of the most challenging types of hair to deal with. Blending layers with a straight line can be near impossible. Finer hair types show off any imperfections in the skill level of your hairdresser. A qualified professional should be sought for maintaining your layered look.

Remember you get what you pay for in haircutting, be sure to invest wisely and do your homework in finding a reputable stylist in your area for best results. For a happy ending, pictures are an indispensable communication tool.

Get the Look

For a basic shoulder layered cut, ask your stylist what would be best for your hair texture. Some layers work better for different hair types. Longer or shorter layers may work better for challenging hair types or textures. Once you get layered, play with styling to create a variety of flirtatious and feminine looks.

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