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Whether you’re trying to beat the heat, hide the fact that you’re sporting second day hair, or create an easy, chic night-out ‘do, there are plenty of simple updo hairstyles that work on all different hair types and lengths. Once you’ve mastered the easy updo, you can tweak the style and accessorize to suit your personal taste and add a little oomph.

Simple and Easy Updo Hairstyles

Think you can’t sport the same ‘do if you’re rocking a bob as the same girl with long, flowing locks? There are a few simple hairstyles that work on all different hair lengths that are perfect for both running errands or going to a formal affair.

Casual Braid

No matter what your hair length, a face-framing braid adds some extra interest to an otherwise overly simple updo. It’s also perfect to control long, overgrown bangs. Start by braiding the hair around your face, pulling it to one side and securing with a bobby pin behind your ear. Then all you have to do is randomly pin up sections of hair and secure with bobby pins to create a loose, casual updo that’s perfect for running around town or to sport at a laid back, outdoor summer wedding. You can curl your hair before pinning up so it takes on a more formal feel and looks like an expertly styled updo.

Elegant Chignon

There’s no reason to be intimidated by this style, a soft chignon is easy to recreate and gives you a classic and polished look in minutes. Whether you’re attending a black tie affair or heading to a backyard party, the chignon can be as polished – or casual – as you like with a few tweaks. Divide hair into three sections – two sections from hairline to crown and one section from the crown to the back.

Tease the back section of hair, smoothing any snarls with a padded brush, then gather into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Wrap the tail of hair around the ponytail loosely around the elastic and pin in place. Pull the right front section over to the left side, pinning under the bun and repeat on the other side. For a polished and proper feel, keep hair smooth, for a more undone look, pull out random face framing pieces so hair looks perfectly imperfect.

Polished Side Pony

Ponytails aren’t just for the gym anymore, when worn to the side either straight or curled, they morph into a simple updo hairstyle that literally takes seconds to create. If your hair is past chin length, you can don a side pony that’s perfect for any type of occasion – from formal wedding to Saturday night party. For some extra oomph, tease the crown of hair and mist with a soft hold hairspray. Gather hair at the nape of neck and pull to one side, securing with an elastic. For a dressed up look, curl the tail and add a jeweled comb accessory for an elegant look. Pull out a few face-framing strands and leave tail loose for a cool and casual vibe.

Bohemian Twist

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This hippie-chic style is perfect if you just want to get the hair off of your face, or for more laid-back, outdoor events such as picnics and beach weddings. Divide hair in half, and twist each side so you’re left with twisted pigtails, securing each side with an elastic. Take one twisted pigtail and pull to the opposite side, tucking into the twist, keeping in place with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side of hair so each tail is tucked into the opposite twist. Don’t worry if twists aren’t perfect or there are strands peeking out, the style actually looks best when it’s not too perfectly in place and when it’s a little on the messy side.

Basic Knot

If you want to sport a style that’s as easy as a bun, but a little more interesting, a knot is the ideal choice because it’s a simple updo hairstyle that isn’t overly fussy and is super versatile. Part your hair in the middle and down to the nape of the neck, like you’re creating two pigtails. Take the left side of hair and secure with an elastic about one to two inches from the bottom, then repeat on the right side. Twist both sections inward and back, wrapping them around each other so they resemble rope. Tuck the bottom and secure with a few bobby pins for a chic and elegant look that can be created in about five minutes.

Perfectly Simple

Whether you’re looking for a style that is simple in terms of the look or in terms of the time it takes to create, a few simple updo hairstyles will leave you looking chic and sophisticated and are perfect for any occasion.

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