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Duct Tape Hair Bows

cute hair bow

If you're looking for a cost-effective and cute accessory for your hair, try creating duct tape hair bows. It's very easy and requires only a few basic steps, minimal supplies and your imagination. In fact, you can create a number of different looks in only a few minutes. You can even try getting your friends together for a hair accessory party once a month to create and swap hair bows.

Supplies Needed

All that's needed to create cute, fashionable and fun duct tape hair bows is several rolls of duct tape in your choice of colors, scissors and bobby pins.

  • Duct tape: If you think that duct tape only comes in plain old silver, get that image out of your head because today there are many color options. Duct tape, which can be purchased at major craft stores such as Michael's for under $5 per roll, is available in many different colors such as white, pink, purple, orange, blue, green and yellow, among others.
  • Scissors: Any pair of household scissors will be fine to cut the duct tape.
  • Bobby pins: When choosing bobby pins, consider using pins that are a similar shade to your hair so when you pin the bow in place the pin will be invisible. Goody's Color Collection is a line of hair accessories in hair color shades such as blonde, brunette and red.

Making Hair Bows from Duct Tape

You can easily create your own custom hair bow with just a few simple steps. First, start off with a basic hair bow. Once you've nailed the process, use your imagination to create different patterns and designs using the duct tape.


  1. Cut a strip of duct tape that is approximately six to eight inches long
  2. Fold the tape in half, with the colored side up
  3. Fold the tape into an accordion folding vertically, not horizontally
  4. Pinch the tape in the middle then wrap a small strip of tape around it. This step is what creates the bow shape
  5. Slide a bobby pin through the back so you can secure the bow in your hair


Once you've got the basic steps down, try creating different patterns and designs on your bow. This should be done after you cut the six to eight inch strip. Take another piece of duct tape in a different color and cut out circles to make polka dots, star shapes, diamonds, or any other design you can think of. Then stick the cut-outs on the colored side of the six to eight inch piece of duct tape. You can also create different colored stripes.

If you have a little extra time, you can even glue on rhinestones, studs, or feathers for a truly unique hair bow. It's also easy to create a hair bow headband by simply taking a headband you already own and sticking the back of the bow to it. Duct tape has great hold so it will stay in place.

Fun, Fashionable Accessory

The next time you have a little free time on your hands and are looking for a fun, creative project, try creating duct tape hair bows for a fashion-forward accessory that is uniquely your own.

Duct Tape Hair Bows