Hair Tinsel How-To Guide: Make Your Style Sparkle

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Whether for a formal dance, occasion or a festive holiday, hair tinsel is a unique and creative semi-permanent hair accessory that can transform your look in a way that's drastic and fantastic.

Festive Hair Adornments

Some of the best inventions are born from need, as was the case when Hair Tinsel founder created her exclusive product to bridge the gap between colored and natural hair. As a mother with an eager 6 year old daughter ready to explore hair services, Hair Tinsel provided an easy to apply and wear option that mimicked highlights without the chemical service. Today, tinseling is embraced on many occasions and can be worn whenever an extra dose of sparkle is in order.

While tinseling is rather new to the mainstream public, the trend itself originates in Thailand, where village marketers sell their silk dyed strands and tie them in women's hair for instant pizzazz and cultural sparkle.

How to Apply Hair Tinsel

While hair tinseling services may be provided at upscale or trendy hair salons, it's rather simple to add them to your locks without the use of professional equipment, tools or expertise. The following basic instructions will help you wrap a few pieces of elegant strands into your tresses with ease. While basic instructions shouldn't differ too much, be sure to check manufacturer's directions as some of the more recent brands and distributors of hair tinsel accessories may differ in their application techniques.

  • Fold tinsel strand in half
  • Pinch folded tinsel about 3 inches from the top to create a loop and hanging tail
  • With your opposite hand, reach through the loop and pull the tail of strands through to create a basic slipknot
  • Slide the knot through no more than 3 pieces of hair and pull the knot tight at the base so that it seals at the scalp
  • Gather both the tinsel ends in one hand and the strands of hair in your other hand and make a simple knot at the base of the hair shaft and release
  • Pick up tinsel ends and pull in opposite directions till you feel tension. A flat knot should sit on the scalp while the hair tinsel and strands fall from the scalp in unity
  • For simple, one night occasions, forgo the double knot application and stop right after creating the first slipknot

Where to Buy

Bella Glitz Hair Tinsel
Bella Glitz hair tinsel on

The following brands of tinsel can be purchased at the following Internet sites. Bear in mind many companies also offer wholesale pricing. Should you find the need to purchase a large quantity of tinsel, be sure to ask ahead about a discounted rate.

  • Bella Via: With 100 strands, an instructional DVD, and pintail comb, this kit is perfect for entry level enthusiasts
  • Etsy: Many venders on this site off hair tinsel in a wide variety of colors. The prices are reasonable too.

Create Your Look

While the basic application makes quite an impact, never discount the creative ability of just a few strands of sparkle. Consider adding tinsel into your locks with the following style ideas:

  • Add a few chunks of color to your hair and glam up formal updos.
  • Pair your tinsel with other fashion hair accessories, including feathers or crystal bling to make a fun and youthful style perfect for birthday parties and sleepovers.
  • Add a large panel of tinsel in a rainbow of color to create an affordable alternative to chemical processing.
  • Add tinsel to braids and pigtails to add drama and separation.
  • Create romantic, bohemian and Medieval looks by adding gold or silver tinsel into loose waves and barrel curls. Simply curl hair as usual after applying and let your tinsel glow!
  • Add edginess to your bangs by adding a few bright tinsel hues. Blue, pink and purple make head-turning fashion statements.
  • Forgo the faux or high maintenance fresh flower and opt for tinsel-laden bridesmaids instead. An entire bridal party can wear coordinating hair tinsel for a unique and trendy spin on formal style.

General Wear and Care

Flat Hair Tinsel
Hair tinsel on

Once tinsel has been applied to the hair, it can be worn for up to 6 weeks before it needs to be removed and reinserted. In the meantime, you can wash, shampoo, curl, straighten and blow dry your new glimmer tresses without fear of damaging them.

Truly a versatile and festive invention, tinsel is just one of the many new ways you can add some oomph and shine to your locks.

For more great hair accessories and ideas, consider wearing feather hair accessories or seashell hair accessories during the heat of the summer to stay stylish and on-trend.

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Hair Tinsel How-To Guide: Make Your Style Sparkle