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Jumbo hot rollers are an indispensable styling tool that can add instant body, lift and romantic curls to the hair with ease.

While rollers and their styling techniques fall in and out of fashion, there's no reason to pack up your own set of jumbo hot rollers for good. Regardless of current hair trends, hot rollers have staying power if the hair needs lift, shape or curl. Take a look at the various ways to set the hair in jumbo hot rollers and get inspired!

Benefits of Hot Rollers

Hot rollers allow the hair to take shape and direction based on the placement and size of the rod. Jumbo rollers are normally sized at least 1" in diameter and are used for adding volume and light lift without a pronounced tight curl. So long as the hair is at least 3-4" inches in length, it can be rolled onto a jumbo rod to add instant volume and styling versatility. No longer synonymous with formal hair styling, hot rollers can be used everyday to provide stressed hair with a well needed break from more extensive and damaging styling tools such as flat irons or blow dryers.

Whether you need rollers to help smooth your natural curl, to add structure to your locks prior to sweeping them in an updo, or simply love the romantic look of a bygone era, these jumbo roller styling tips will help you get perfect curls from your set of rollers.

How to Set Hair in Jumbo Hot Rollers

Setting the hair in jumbo rollers is a straightforward, rather simple task. You'll need the following supplies prior to getting started. While not all of these items are necessary, this is a great go-to list for easy preparation.

  • Jumbo hot roller set
  • Rat tail comb
  • Heat protectant or leave-in conditioning spray
  • Clips
  • Hairspray
  • Handheld mirror
  • Hair net or covering if desired

Start with dry hair and mist lightly with a heat protectant spray. Heat protectant will help ward off some of the damage of styling while providing a bit of hold and shine to the hair. Once hair is misted evenly, you can section the head as desired. Many people opt for a simple set with locks pulled taut in a 90 degree angle, while more experienced hair setters may rely on over-direction techniques to garner the results they want. For setting ideas, see below.

To Add Fullness

To add maximum volume to your tresses, blowdry hair with a volumizing spray and lightweight styling mousse or gel. Bend over or use round brushes to add crown lift. Follow with rollers set at a 180 degree angle. Remove when cool and shake the curls loose.

To Add Shape

For curl definition, use these hot rollers on dry hair and direct them vertically on the scalp in a spiral formation. Spiral sets work great for formal styles. Brides love the look of large and loose curls on their wedding day. Setting the hair in spiral curls also makes for great day old styles. The loose spirals can be touched up with a jumbo barrel curling iron with ease, while the added texture helps to create a variety of updo styles. The base for any runway hairstyle usually takes place on day old, spiral wrapped curls.

Taming Curls

To tame unruly curls, set hair in jumbo rollers directly out from the scalp. Use a fine tooth comb to apply tension to the hair as you section and smooth the partings before rolling. Remove rollers when cool and smooth with a shine serum. Wrapping larger sections in less rollers will create a smoother look.

Reap the Beauty Benefit

Jumbo rollers are a quick solution to add shine, volume and control to the hair. One quality set should last several years and are indispensable addition to your hair grooming tools and styling routine. Why not add rollers to your beauty arsenal when you want to pump up the volume on your style?

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