Best Short Hair Styles for Fine Hair

Stylish Looks for Fine Hair

Ladies with fine hair have plenty of options when it comes to gorgeous styles. From sleek straight styles easy to achieve with this hair type to curly and wavy options that add volume, there's a look for every lifestyle, personality, and occasion.

The all-one-length bob is fun, edgy, and easy to style for those with fine hair. The front is just slightly longer than the back, with long layers. In order to add some thickness and a slight turn under, use a medium-hold mousse on wet hair. Dry with a large round brush and blow dryer. For an asymmetrical look, part to one side, emphasizing the longer strands in front with a matte texturizer.

Chin-Length Bob

A chin-length bob is perfect for fine hair, because it is so easy to add volume and movement to the style. The length in the back usually starts where the hairline begins and goes straight around to the front, ending up right around the jawline for most people.

As long as your stylist has added a few long layers all around the cut, this is an easy style to achieve. Use a light-hold spray for hold and thickness with a large round brush and the blow dryer.

Curly Bob With One Side Up

People with fine hair can use curls in order to add the illusion of thicker hair. This just-above-the-shoulder bob is curled under with large rollers or a large-barrel curling iron at the root in order to achieve a bouncy, hair-thickening, curly look. Then simply pull back and secure the hair on one side.

Use bobby pins, hair pins, combs, or pretty barrettes to help you to achieve this look. A strong-hold hairspray helps keep this style in place.

Classic French Twist

The classic French twist is wonderful for making fine hair look fuller. You will need shoulder-length hair for this style to work. (If it is not within your skill set, ask your stylist to do this one for you.)

  • Start by curling your hair from the root to the ends and back combing. You want as much thickness as possible. Use medium-hold spray with a large-barrel curling iron.
  • Section the front section, from the top of the head to the front of the ear, out.
  • Bring the hair in the back together nicely and twist it upward in order to lay flat against the head.
  • Once you have a twist that you like, secure the twist with bobby pins all the way up to the top.

Adding a pretty barrette or comb at the crease of your twist can hide all those pins and make your look complete.

Short Bob With Curls

Fine hair looks beautiful with a short style that has a little bit of curl. This short bob with long layers is perfect for a full, sexy look. This style is very easy to achieve at home.

  • Depending on how fine your hair is, you may want to blow dry your hair with a medium-hold gel and a large brush first.
  • Section off the top of the head and curl this piece last; using a light-hold spray curl the rest of your hair all the way up to the root with a large-barrel curling iron.
  • Unsecure the top section of your hair and curl the hair shaft only halfway up.

Finish your look using a strong-hold spray with shine in order to complete this beautiful style.

Loose Bun Updo

A loose bun made with curls can make fine, short hair look fuller. You will need to have a one-length bob to begin with.

  • Use a light-hold gel on wet hair, and blow dry your hair upside down for extra bounce and fullness.
  • Curl your hair using a light-hold spray and a large-barrel curling iron from the root.
  • Pull your hair back into a loose ponytail.
  • Grab individual pieces of hair from the ponytail and pin each into place. Each piece should help create a loose and curly looking bun.

Use a strong-hold spray, in the front especially, using hair pins to secure any long pieces that just won't stay put.

Edgy Pixie Look

A pixie cut is amazing for people with fine hair, because it can be lifted and manipulated from the root for a thicker, more volumizing look. Your stylist will have a ball with this short, asymmetrical look, and so will you.

Once home you can accomplish this style by using a light-hold gel and a matte texturizer. Blow dry the hair with large round brush on the bangs and just messy in the back. Use the texturizer at the root in the back for hold and at the ends around the face and bangs.

Asymmetrical Short Bob

This very short, layered bob is perfect for people with straight, fine hair, and it is so much fun to wear! Your stylist will need to plan and execute this style for you, but once it is in place it will be easy to accomplish at home.

Depending on your hair, you may need to blow dry with a light-hold mousse and a large brush for added volume. The long bangs and hair shown here is combed down into the face for an extreme look, but could be worn to the side too, making for a versatile hair style.

Asymmetrical Chin-Length Bob

Fine hair falls so nicely when cut into a bob. This bob is cut much longer in the front than in the back. Your stylist will need to do this for you. Combing your hair to one side will accomplish this asymmetrical look. Blow dry your hair under using a light-hold gel and a large round brush. Finish your look with a light-hold spray with shine.

Curled Pixie Cut

A pixie cut with fuller bangs is sexy, and people with fine hair can accomplish this look easily. Using a medium-hold gel on wet hair, dry with a large round brush and the blow dryer, or let hair air dry with large velcro rollers. Comb out and let the hair fall where it may. Use a light to medium-hold spray to finish for a thicker look that lasts all day.

Loose Updo

Fine hair looks fuller when a little bit of curl is added. This updo is loose and versatile, easy to do for any occasion. You will need a one-length bob to start out with. To get the look:

  • Use a light-hold gel and blow dry your hair upside down for optimum lift.
  • Curl your hair under with a large-barrel curling iron and spray with a light-hold spray. Shake out your curls so that they look messy.
  • Section off the front (from ear to ear) with a clip, and make a loose, high ponytail with the back section.
  • Take locks of hair from the front and position them around your ponytail as desired, creating a loose, messy updo.

Spray with a firm-hold spray to finish off the style.

Short Bob With Bangs

Having fine hair is an asset when attempting this stylish-looking bob. Your stylist can give you this cute, short bob with bangs. The back and sides are rounded with a nice long layer for stylish movement. Once home you will need to use a light-hold mousse and a large round brush with a blow dryer. Use a light styling wax with shine and hold to finish your look.

Shoulder-Length Bob With Bangs

Fine hair will look fuller and longer with a some curl at the bottom for bounce. This long bob with bangs is stylish and relatively easy to accomplish at home. Always start with a light-hold gel or mousse and blow dry upside down for volume. Using a large barrel curling iron, curl the ends upward and shake for a messier look. Finish with a light-hold spray that adds shine.

Short Pixie Cut

If you have fine hair this is the perfect cut for you, because it falls perfectly without much manipulation. A short pixie is done by your stylist, and it is easy to wash and wear once home. Apply a light-hold mousse, then blow dry your hair using a large-barrel brush. Comb with your fingers into place. Use a matte texturizer to pinch the ends of your bangs and sides down, giving your look a nice finish.

Modern Short Style

A pixie always falls so nicely for people with fine hair. This modern pixie, with pointy sideburns and long bangs, can be done by your stylist. If you are looking for super easy and edgy, this one is it. Blow dry your hair to the front, using a light-hold gel or mousse. Finish using a texturizer with shine on the ends of each strand, pulling the bangs to the front.

Short and Simple

A short, simple style like this one that stops just above the chin allows fine hair to have plenty of movement. A volumizing mousse or root-volumizing spray and a blow dryer help add body without making your styling routine overly complicated.

Having short, fine hair can be a whole world of fun, if given the right hair style and products to play with. Making the decision on what kind of hair style and cut to go with can be made with the help of your stylist or even advice from your best friend. Use the appropriate tools and styling products for your type of short, fine hair, and it's easy to achieve the look you want.

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