9 Kids' Hairstyle Ideas Little Girls Will Love

Finding Hairstyle Inspo for Girls


Looking at kids' hairstyle pictures can help you find the perfect style for your little girl. Long hair or short, curly or straight, layered or one-length - the options are endless! Whether you're searching for an everyday aesthetic or a style for a special occasion, you're guaranteed to find something you'll like just as much as your little one.

Long and Tousled


Long and tousled hairstyles are perfect for the days when you're struggling to make an effort or rushing to leave the house. They're also great for versatility; your little girl can wear her locks loose, tie them back into a pretty ponytail, or braid them out of the way. You could even use hair accessories to co-ordinate with her outfits.

Fun Braids


Braids are a cute and fun protective kids' hairstyle. From circular cornrows to twists and underbraids, there's truly something for everyone! Even though naturalista braids require exceptional skill to create, they can last a long time once they're in place, which is great news for busy moms.

Elegant Updo


If you're searching for an elegant updo for dances, parties, or weddings, look no further! Create this sophisticated style by initially curling your little girl's hair using a curling iron and then twisting sections back. Afterward, pin the ends up at the crown to produce a chic chignon. Finish with a spritz of hairspray for a gorgeous, polished look.

Tendril Surprise


This beautiful updo with tendrils is ideal for a special occasion. It's also undeniably unique, therefore a little more difficult to recreate without the help of a hairdresser or professional stylist. First, it involves curling your girl's entire head but leaving out the front section to fall naturally. Then, braid a small section at one side and wrap this braid around her head as the back section is pinned up. Complete the look with a sparkly hair pin or accessory to amp up the glamor.

Sassy Side Braid


A side braid is a contemporary twist on a classic center plait. Fabulous for pulling your kids' hair back and out of the way during work or play, braids can be neat and refined or messy and chaotic for an endearing, effortless look.

Cute and Colorful Braids


If you're looking to put a summery spin on conventional braids, dress them up with colorful beads and ribbons for your little girl. As well as being playful and eye-catching, they protect your kids' hair in the heat or elements and require little maintenance.

Naturally Curly


Little girls with natural curls are lucky as they have the luxury of being able to wash their hair and go without much fuss. Simply towel dry her hair and apply smoothing cream to eliminate the risk of flyaways, and she's ready to start the day!

Shoulder Length Simplicity


Shoulder length hair on little girls is easy to style and can be left tousled for everyday, casual occasions. However, it's long enough you can straighten or curl it for special events as a distinctive point of difference.

Visual aids from online or in the media are a perfect way of providing inspiration for kids' hairstyles. Have fun and experiment with different options, and it won't be long before your little girl is standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

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9 Kids' Hairstyle Ideas Little Girls Will Love