Brooklyn Fade Haircut

fade hair style
Fades are still popular for men.

If you want to sport an east coast hairstyle, why not try a Brooklyn fade haircut?

Brooklyn Fade Haircut Variations

Thanks to the popularity of MTV's Jersey Shore reality show, a Brooklyn fade haircut has never been more popular. The staple cut for men with thick curly hair, a Brooklyn fade keeps the hair clean, smooth and manageable. There are a few variations to this cut, one has a longer pompadour top, while the other is short and spiked. However, both are very tight and tapered along the sides and the neckline. If you're interested in showing off your New York vibe, take look at both variations in depth to see which one works best for you.

Long Top

If you favor the high and tight lines of a Brooklyn fade but want to add some drama to your cut, you're better off leaving some length on the top for styling purposes. A long top fade allows for plenty of styling variations, including leaving curls in tact, defining waves or smoothing out texture with a gel or wax. Perfect for the guy who wants to change up his look on a whim, a stylized version of the Brooklyn fade adds some personality to an otherwise cropped cut. Bear in mind if you have generous hair texture, you may find a long top adds too much bulk and volume. If this is the case, ask your stylist to remove some weight via texturizing your ends or opt for the shorter version of the fade.

On the other hand, if your hair is straight and lacks volume and style, you may find perfect harmony with a fade cut that leaves some workable length on the top. Resort to styling products and volumizing tonics to add lift and body to your style.

Short and Cropped

If you have thick curly hair, you may opt for a shorter version of the Brooklyn fade. With a shorter top, the fade helps to minimize the weight and the bulk of curly hair textures. Normally this cut requires regular trims every three weeks for best results. While a shorter fade has limited styling options, the ease of the cut makes it wash and wear ready. Simply add a bit of wax or pomade for shine and control, and you're ready to walk out the door!

Add Signature Style

Since a Brooklyn cut is trimmed every three weeks, why not personalize this look with your own variations? Signature cuts, lines and even initials can be blended into your fade to create a distinctive look. If you opt for any color services, find a way to incorporate color with your cut. Perhaps your colorist can add the colors of your favorite sport's team into your fade, or highlight the top or bottom of your cut for a unique look. Try different styling options in addition to unique coloring services.

Often, a simple product change can alter the ease, manageability and overall style of your cut. If you're in touch with your metro side, grab a flat iron and smooth out those curls for a modern version of your regular self. There are no set rules when it comes to styling your locks, with a bit of creativity, the classic fade can be made street stylish in a jiffy.

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