Messy Ponytails

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If you want to capture laid back style with ease, a messy ponytail style can do just that. Not only is this quick fix a styling cure for bad hair days, it can serve as a formal style with the right accessories. Skip a day in between your next shampoo and get ready to create a sexy and flirty style with the following quick and easy updo tips.

Create Different Messy Ponytail Looks

Messy ponytails have a sweet charm about them. Feminine, loose and comfortable, they are the perfect summer hairstyle for medium to long hair. Bohemian and carefree in spirit, these ponytails can go from day to night while defining your overall look and ensemble look.

To create a casual yet perfect ponytail, it's crucial to start with day old hair. Not only will messy hair hold its shape longer, the added texture in your hair will help add some crown lift to your pony, ensuring it has lots of sexy volume as well.

When you're ready to style hair into a relaxed ponytail, bend at the waist and briskly run fingers through the ends of the hair, concentrating on shaking up the hair at the scalp. If available, spray roots with a texturizing or volumizing spray for added lift and texture.

Let hair fall naturally and gather it using your hands rather than a comb at the nape of your neck. Hold hair back with one hand and lift and reposition the ponytail with your freehand to the desired spot.

High Ponytail

 A high ponytail adds drama, while a low ponytail is more sophisticated and chic. The higher you place your pony the longer your hair will need to be. To soften your look, pull out a few chunky tendrils and let them fall freely.


A casual ponytail right at the mid-back of the head is bohemian and artful. Decide on the placement and secure with an elastic. For a varied styling option, keep ends of the ponytail tucked in as you tighten it.


To create a ponytail bun hybrid, pin the loose ends with decorative or basic pins and mist with hairspray. A little practice makes perfect, so be sure to experiment with your ponytail regularly to master the art of a chic yet haphazard style.


To add an exotic or beachy vibe to your pony, why not combine a few braids with a messy twist? Braid a section above both ears towards the back of your head. Secure with an elastic and then lift into a ponytail. Untuck ends for bounce or leave them nestled in a bun structure and secure with bobby pins.

Adding Texture

messy yet textured

While ponytails work on nearly every hair type, you can really explore your options in styling when you create texture for your ponytail. Try crimping, curling or flat ironing your hair prior to pulling it back. A body wave will help add control and movement to your hair if it's otherwise flat and lifeless.

If you hate fighting your natural wave, liberate your styling routine and go natural with a simple easy sweep style while working with your natural curl. To help hide hair color outgrowth, rely on ponytails or change the parting of your bangs. Both options will help change the look of your hair temporarily.

If you want to add a romantic spin on your messy style, be sure to adorn the sides of your pony with gold or pearl barrettes. For a sexy look, mimic the texture of cotton candy by back combing your hair heavily prior to pulling it back. For a classic summer messy style, adorn your pony with wooden hair pins or barrettes. Scarves, hats and headbands are additional ways to define and adorn your look.

Get Creative

Bedhead styles are the best way to work with otherwise bad hair. Whether you're in between haircuts, hairstyles or hair color you can transition your look with ease by sweeping it up. Get creative with accessories and spend time creating outfits with unique hair pieces and elastics. Work with feathers, jewels and beads to create a variety of modern styling options.

Whether you go formal and ladylike or artsy and mysterious, you can practice your messy pony until it is perfect and adorn it with unique statement-making pieces. This way, the next time you roll out of bed and only have a few minutes to style, use these tips and styling suggestions to create a perfectly messy yet polished ponytail and enjoy a few extra moments of sunshine.

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