New Haircuts for Men

Braids for men are a modern look.
See hot hair styles for guys...

For guys who like to follow the trends, there are new haircuts for men in every length from short to long, low to high maintenance, and natural to noticeable.


Modern High and Tight Cut

This cut is an updated version of the military high and tight cut, which is cut very close to the scalp on the sides and back, up to the point where the head begins to curve. To make this style a bit more contemporary, the front hairline is slightly tapered and the top is styled to a point at the center.

Faux Hawk

One of the most popular new haircuts for men, the faux hawk resembles a mohawk minus the shaved sides. For a trendier faux hawk, leave the center strip extra- long and color the tips in a bright, eye-catching color such as red or blonde. When you're ready for a new color or want to go natural or a bit more conservative, just cut off the tips and start over. A wax or pomade will hold the shape and add shine.

Nouveau Crew Cut

Like the crew cut, but want to charge it up a little? Add long, angular sideburns and color your hair red or bleach it blonde to make it new and different. A touch of pomade like Bed Head Hair Stick will help define the longer hair at the top of the head and provide some shine.


Razored Shag

A medium-length look that is easy to maintain and always looks trendy is the shag. Have some layers razored into the cut for a shattered, deconstructed look sure to give you an update. A touch of wax, pomade, or paste like Axe Whatever Messy Look Paste will define your layers and give you a tousled look without getting stiff or sticky.

Chunky layers

This cut is layered with the points of the shears and can be worn forward so that it brushes over the eyes, ears, and collar, or slicked back with a product like American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel for a more conservative, business-friendly style. Celebrities like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman have all sported this versatile look.

Surfer Style

One medium length style that is extremely popular with young blonde men is the surfer look, which features long fringe in the front, typically worn over one eye. The surfer style is usually highlighted, either chemically or naturally by the sun. One celebrity who favors this look is soccer star Fernando Torres.


Long and Shaggy

If you have wavy hair, why not grow it out so that it brushes your shoulders? Have some layers cut into it to enhance the texture and release your natural waves, like English Actor Ben Barnes. To emphasize the movement and control the curl, try Bumble & Bumble Grooming Crème, which will provide separation, shine, and lightweight hold for long hair.


Cornrows are simply small braids that lie very close to the head and cover the entire scalp. Typically seen on ethnic men, cornrows take a great amount of skill and hours to create, but once they are done they last for an extended amount of time and are easy to maintain. Because of this, they are especially popular with physically active men, especially athletes.

Textured and Wispy

Rocker Richie Sambora sports a classic rock 'n roll style: lots of razored, wispy layers. This piecy cut features short layers in the crown for movement, and wisps that fall to the shoulders and below the ears. Celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Owen Wilson are following suit and making this trendy style their own also.

New Haircuts for Men Should Suit a Guy's Lifestyle

No matter how popular or trendy a cut is, it needs to fit a man's lifestyle and hair type. There are many new cool styles to choose from, making it possible for every man to find one that suits him.

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New Haircuts for Men