Organic Salon Products

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More stylists are making the switch to organic salon products. Are they really worth the added expense?

Benefits of Organic Salon Products

For the most part, salon products are higher quality than the products that you would normally find at your local drugstore. A drugstore shampoo may have more water than a salon shampoo for example. Also, in a salon your stylist can help you choose the product that is exactly right for your needs. Since your stylist will probably be using the product on your hair, you can see exactly how it works and determine if it is worth the money.

Conventional salon products can include ingredients that may be unhealthy for you. Since the skin readily absorbs chemicals and toxins as well as beneficial ingredients, it makes sense to use organic products.

Organic products are:

  • Preservative free
  • Paraben free
  • Ammonia free
  • Not made with GMOs
  • Usually hand crafted or made in small batches
  • Normally are not tested on animals
  • Often vegan

Finding Organic Products

If your salon does not use an organic product line, you can always ask them if they would consider adding it to what they offer. Many times the salon will happily add to their product line if they think there is a market for the new item. If not, you can call local salons and ask if they use organic products. Since a growing number of stylists are using these items, it probably won't be difficult to find one near you.

You can also find organic spa and salon products online.

Organic Color Systems

Organic Color Systems is made for stylists by stylists. All of their products are vegan and organic. They make hair color as well as shampoo, conditioner, and styling items.This line has been used in European salons for 15 years and available in the United States for seven years.

JuJu Salon and Spa

JuJu is a spa in Philadelphia that uses organic products. If you don't live in the area, you can still experience their formulas by buying them from the online store. They carry everything from organic salt scrubs to all natural insect repellents.Their items are organic and sustainable. The company has a strong desire to provide eco friendly products and services to its clients.

Shear Miracles

Shear Miracles carries a complete organic, salon quality line of hair products, make-up, and skin care for men and women. They even have a line for pets. These items are preservative free, using citrus extracts to keep bacteria from forming. The company boasts that the products are so pure you can eat them.

Discount Beauty

Discount Beauty carries many organic products that can also be found in some of the top salons in the country. Because they carry so many products, you can probably find exactly what you are looking for.

Healthy Hair Plus

Healthy Hair Plus is an online supplier of organic hair products. Many of these are salon formulas. The website is user friendly and has products listed by several categories, including type of item, hair type, and company.

More Tips for Healthy Hair

Using high quality organic products on your hair is only part of having healthy hair. You need to remember that what you eat will ultimately have an effect on your skin and hair. By using organic products, eating organic foods, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, your hair and skin will be at its best.

In addition, you should make regular appointments with your hairstylist for trims. Trimming the ends of your hair will keep split ends away. Your stylist can monitor the condition of your hair and let you know if you need to switch to a different product.

Beautiful hair is an asset that almost anyone can have with a little care.

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