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While hair trends are subject to change seasonally, the following popular teenage hairstyles are always fashionably in style. If you'd rather play it safe than rock something edgy, you'll find a happy medium with these styling suggestions for both guys and girls.

Popular Teenage Hairstyles for Girls and Guys

Girls and guys have enough to worry about during their teenage years without stuggling to stay in fashion with their hairstyle. Unless you have an unlimited budget for salon services, chances are good you need a low maintenance cut that works with a variety of styling options.

During their teen years, some kids will have parental consent to opt for costly color services, while others may be left experimenting with over the counter sun sprays and temporary hair color to add edge to their cut. Whether you go fashionable and fabulous or carefree and spirited, the following hair ideas are perfect for an active teenage lifestyle.

Cute and Popular Hairstyles for Teen Girls

Long Layers

Nothing beats long layers for a basic and versatile teenage girl hairstyle. No matter your hair type, you're sure to find easy ways to wear long layers in between school functions and weekend socials.

Try these styles with long layered hair:

  • Messy ponytails
  • Simple updos
  • Bohemian-inspired braids
  • Loose curls


Quick, easy and cute, ponytail styles are always popular. Try these looks for a quick update to the basic pony:

  • Side pony
  • High pony with volume at the crown
  • Pony with bangs
  • High pony with curls

Wavy Styles

If your hair is naturally wavy, you don't have to fight it. Use a little bit of styling product and scrunch damp hair for a great easy look. Hot styles include:

  • Beachy hair (use a matte texturizing paste, then scrunch and piece hair for a wavy, wind-blown look)
  • Shiny scrunched hair (use a small amount of gel or shine serum, scrunch, and let hair dry naturally)
  • Big and scrunchy (dry hair a little bit with a diffuser, add some volumizing mousse, scrunch and let it dry)

Cute Straight Hair

Whether your hair is naturally straight or you get it that way with a flat iron, try these looks for even more flair:

  • Deep side part
  • One or both sides clipped back
  • Pretty headband

Alternative Styles for Girls

Alternative styles run the gamut from a little edgy to completely punk. Popular styles include:

  • Side bangs
  • Short emo styles
  • Piecy looks
  • Razored and assymetrical cuts
  • Super short bangs
  • Edgy bobs

Curly hair

If your hair is unruly and curly, make sure you visit a reputable stylist who has the experience to work with your hair type. Set aside some of your hard earned cash or allowance if necessary to opt for a more experienced stylist. If you're clueless to fashion but want to stay in style, ask for layers that stop at your collarbone and an overall length that hits below the shoulders. This length is versatile enough for nearly any teenage style and can welcome a variety of styling options. Long hair can help manage texture, whereas a mid length bob can help remove some less desirable volume or bulk.

Consider wearing your long hair in:

  • Big curls (wear jumbo rollers to bed and take them out in the morning)
  • Low pigtails
  • Messy updo or halfdo
  • Double braids

Colored Looks

While most teenagers will have to wait a few years before exploring the world of hair color, you can get creative with clip in hair accessories and colored locks to add some serious style. Beauty supply stores and accessory chains offer a variety of hairpieces that can add an element of drama and creativity to your basic cut. Temporary hair color can be fun and great for weekends, but make sure you check with your school before wearing it there. Many schools don't allow alternative hair colors in class.


Never underestimate the simplicity of bangs in changing your look. Long push aside bangs can flatter bobs, medium cuts and even short tapered styles. Experiment with bangs as an affordable and quick way to change your style if you're in-between lengths or looks.

Cool Cuts for Boys

Nothing says teenage boy more than a messy head of hair and a bottle of gel. Ideas for guys:

  • Keep your tresses in stylish shape with a cut that has versatility by opting for a medium length cut over a buzz. While boys used to play it safe with super short cuts, today's modern man has a few more options thanks to the beloved bedhead cut.
  • If your hair has waves, let them move in a Robert Pattinson inspired cut. Go short on the sides and long on the top for a cut that can be tousled by day and slicked back for an after school job.
  • If you have hard to manage curls, try growing out your length and see what happens when the added weight helps to manage your shape.
  • if you're adventurous, both spiky and short mohawks are popular for guys. (Check with your school before going to class with a super long spiky mohawk).
  • Super short military inspired cuts are easy to wear and go, especially for guys who hate to fuss with their hair or who are involved in sports.

Be Realistic

No matter your chosen cut or style, be realistic with your styling expectations before making the cut. If you have medium length hair, you may need to wait a few more years before you can revel in a Taylor Swift inspired style. Book an appointment with an experienced stylist and brainstorm easy to wear styles with plenty of versatility. Be sure to ask your hairdresser for styling tips and suggestions and be sure to visit your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain your fashionable teenage style.

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