Short Bridal Hairstyles

short bridal hairstyle

Who says short bridal hairstyles can't be just as dramatic, feminine and glamorous as long, flowing locks? No matter what length your hair is, there's a hairstyle that will leave you feeling fabulous on your special day.

Short Bridal Hairstyles

Whether your hair is a chin length bob, short pixie cut or closer to shoulder length, there are so many options for short bridal hairstyles.

Chin Length Bob

This hair length is versatile because it's long enough to add curls, wear straight, or pull half up and half down.

  • Straight hair with a flip: Try styling your bob sleek and smooth, but for a little unexpected twist, add a slight flip to the ends. This style is chic and modern and looks great with a deep side part and side swept bang.
  • Tousled curls: For a fun and flirty feel, try adding tousled curls to your chin length style. To keep the look sophisticated and not too youthful or cutesy, be sure curls are loose and not too tight or spiraled. Adding a jeweled hair comb or flower accessory ups the glam factor.
  • Half up, half down: If you'd like to pull some of your hair off of your face to showcase your gorgeous makeup and jewelry, try a half up, half down style. By pulling the top portion of hair up, you'll have an updo feel, while still having some hair left down to play with. You can keep hair straight, or add some waves. A jeweled barrette is a chic way to secure your half pony.

Pixie Cut

Just because you're unable to pull your hair into an updo, doesn't mean your pixie cut still can't have a unique twist on your big day.

  • Jeweled headband: The quickest way to add polish to a special occasion pixie 'do is to add an ornate, jeweled headband. With such a glam accessory, it's best to leave your short hair sleek and smooth with a deep side part.
  • Retro curls: Adding a few curls to your pixie cut is a quick way to add an instant update and give your 'do a special look. You can wear hair brushed forward, with a side part or brushed back off of your face when sporting a curly pixie style.
  • Braided accents: If your pixie is longer on the top, adding braided accents is a great way to create a glamorous style in minimal time. Try adding a face framing braid that resembles a headband, or create tiny braids on the sides and pin back.

Shoulder Length

glamorous wavy hair

Short cuts that just reach the shoulders are super versatile since you can pull hair into a modified updo, sport a slightly off center chignon or wear sexy '40s era waves.

  • Modified updo: Shoulder length hair can definitely be worn into a type of updo; just remember to keep the style low, closer to the nape of the neck instead of high on the head. This will ensure that pieces aren't falling out during
  • your vows. Try randomly pinning curls at the nape of your neck to give the look of a tousled bun.
  • Off- center chignon: Creating a chignon that's low and slightly askew is modern and anything but prim and proper. Curling the chignon creates the illusion of having a lot of hair, so it will look fuller. Add a jeweled comb or flower hair accessory for a little extra dose of glam.
  • Veronica Lake- like waves: Channel Hollywood starlet Veronica Lake with sleek, polished and full waves. Just be sure the waves aren't too tight or you'll lose too much length.

Short and Sassy

Short bridal hairstyles are anything but boring, so don't feel as though you need a lot of length to create your picture perfect wedding look. Play around with different styles and consult with a stylist to come up with a 'do that suits your wedding theme and your personality.

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