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Thick hair
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Short haircuts for thick hair can help minimize the weight and the volume of the hair. Just because your hair is thick does not mean you're committed to a lifetime of long, straight styles. You can use your added fullness to your benefit with the following tips and suggestions.

Stylish Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

If you've had trouble finding a style that suits your hair type, perhaps you've been working against it rather than working with the tresses that nature gave you? Thick hair poses many styling challenge, including but not limiting to; excessive bulk, unruly wave patterns, and heaviness that makes curls even more difficult to set. If you've been blessed with thick hair, you may stop first and consider yourself lucky. Thick hair can be a blessing in disguise if you know how to work with it. The following new ideas of short haircuts for thick hair prove that extra volume may result in even more beauty and style.

Pixie and cropped: For smaller faces with thick hair, a cropped pixie cut is a modern take on a flattering hairstyle. Pixie cuts can be clipped as close to the scalp as needed, making them a customized option for all different types of thick hair. If you wear a pixie with a short bang, you'll also add some versatility to the shape increasing your styling options. If you've grown tired of battling your bulk, why not take control and crop your locks?

Shag: While not the best option for curly hair types, a shag provides plenty of modern swing and sexiness to a medium to short style. If you're feeling playful, you can add a variety of coloring techniques to add visual interest to your cut. Shags can be very easy to style so long as you have minimal hair texture. If you've got straight tresses and plenty of them, a defined and separated shag haircut will remove bulk where it's needed and add height as well.

Wedge: For thinner hair types, why not consider a wedge or layered bob? This also works well if you are heavy set. A wedge haircut is shorter on the neck and graduated to increasingly longer lengths with either layers or one length on the top which creates between the chin and the cheekbones. If a little height is in order, adding a few layers on the top can create a nicely balanced haircut.

Styling Tools and Products

Once you've discovered a short hairstyle that works for your hair type, the following hair tools may prove worthy in your arsenal of styling implements:

  • Texturizing cream: Texturizing creams are good to add moisture and control to unruly tresses
  • Waxes and pomades: Waxes and pomades add shine and hold on thick short hair types
  • Gels and mousses: Gels are not normally necessary with thick hair because it is naturally voluminous. However, a lightweight mousse may help add form and separation to natural curl.
  • Curling iron: A curling or flat iron can help create a multitude of looks on your short style while adding a more uniform curl formation

Thick hair types have plenty to brag about. While you may never have soft and fine texture, the added bulk of thick hair is always easier to remove than add as needed. Consider yourself lucky if you're blessed with abundance, and discover the new looks of these short styles.

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Short Haircuts for Thick Hair