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Celebrity Hair Highlights Made Easy


Celebrity hair highlights almost always inspires awe. After all, these stars are beautiful and seem to have perpetually good hair days. Can mere mortals ever hope to reach their standard of beauty? You bet they can!

Get the look: You can replicate Jennifer Lopez's look by first coloring your locks with the lightest shade of brown you can find. After that, wait a week or two so that the new color can "set," and follow up with a highlighting kit designed for light brown hair.

Be sure that you hair is brown in color, not red.

Fergie's Highlights


Fergie gives the frosted look another go, and easily arrives at amazing results.

Get the look: For hair this frosted, you'll need to start out with mid-brown to light brown hair. From there, a frosting kit should do the trick nicely.

Ashley Greene's Highlights


Ashley Greene may have found fame in Twilight, but since that time, it's her hair that's been making waves.

Get the look: The key to Ashley's look are red highlights. This is easily accomplished with an at home kit, but take care to keep the highlighted strands to one inch or less. Anything larger, and you'll lose this three-dimensional look.

Rachel Bilson's Highlights


Rachel Bilson looks lovely in her highlights, and even better is the fact that you can steal her look relatively easily.

Get the look: Lighten just the bottom half of your hair, about three quarters up the strand. Keep lightening, over a process of several days or weeks, to achieve the wheat colored locks.

Beyonce's Highlights


Is there no hair color that this lovely songstress doesn't look good in? Proving once again that she is a true chameleon, Beyonce lightens up her locks to the limit.

Get the look: For hair this light on such naturally dark hair, it's best to visit a professional colorist. However, if you want to do it yourself, you'll need to proceed very slowly.

Lighten your hair until it is the lightest shade of brown and then use a highlighting kit, allowing for plenty of time between colorings.

Kristen Stewart's Highlights


Kristen Stewart shines in this coppery confection of highlighted hair.

Get the look: Once again, you'll want to reach for that highlighting kit, but keep in mind that in order to get a copper color this bright, you'll need to start out with dark hair.

Eva Mendes' Highlights


This stunning actress has truly beautiful hair to match her beautiful features.

Get the look: The key to Eva's hair is its red undertones. For this, you'll want to opt for an auburn or brown all-over color, and then lighten accordingly.

Leighton Meester's Highlights


Who wouldn't want Leigh Meester's highlighted auburn ends? This star makes this combination look stellar.

Get the look: Obtain this look by starting out with dark hair, highlighting the ends of your hair, and placing a bit of color on a few strands at the crown.

Jennifer Aniston's Highlights


Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to having great hair, and her hair color is no exception.

Get the look: For a look this polished, you may have no choice but to visit with a hair professional. That's because Jennifer has not one, not two, but three different tones of highlighted hair. The best thing to do with multiple colors is to take the picture with you to the stylist, show him or her what you want, and then let them counsel you on what's best.

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Celebrity Hair Highlights Pictures