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Holiday Hair

Festive Christmas hairstyles are a great way to pull together all of the luxe and glamour of the holiday season. Since many women find themselves attending special events and parties, it makes sense to plan ahead and consider your hairstyle options as well as your wardrobe.

Popular Christmas Hairstyles

This holiday season, it's all about texture, from curls of every size to ringlets perfect for a snow angel. Up or down, make the most of your style with these fashion forward, and festive, Christmas looks.

Half Up

Half up Christmas hairstyles are a feminine way to wear your tresses. A hair clip can be used to hold back the sides of your style while adding desirable crown lift. For the holiday season, this style works with weather conditions and the higher necklines that accommodate turtlenecks and furry collars. Wearing your hair slightly secured will keep your tresses chic on the go during the winter. For family gatherings and pictures, a half up style looks timeless and classic.

Half Updo

Pigtails and Ponytails

If you want a jolly style, pigtails can't be beat for a youthful Christmas hairstyle. Pair your pigtails with red glitter ribbons for a sexy and feminine style. Roller set your longer hair prior to pulling it back to ensure the pigtails have some wave and movement. While this style is certainly flirtatious and girly, it can be classic and romantic too. Change your accessories to fit your mood. Opt for pearl or gold bow accessories if you want a more grown-up holiday style.

Holiday Pigtails

Chic and Glamorous

If you'd rather push the fashion envelope with your Christmas hairstyle, then go edgy and shiny instead. A short asymmetrical bang or cut will add some drama to your holiday look. A flat iron will keep your style well groomed to perfection, while a sweep of a shine serum will add season appropriate gleam. Gold or silver gel hair creams can add some sparkle to your style while enhancing your bold cut. Well coifed hair doesn't have to be boring. Accessorize your already modern style for extra glamour.

Chic Hair

Curls and Ringlets

Christmas hairstyles wouldn't be complete without a curl suggestion. If you have natural curl, emphasize it with a few looser curls from a curling iron and add volume with hair spray. Try a soft loose bun and let your curls magically spill from your style. If you want a slightly more sexy style, try hot rollers or have it set in a salon with Velcro hair rollers to add jumbo curls with plenty of texture and staying power. If you're feeling retro, try out fingerwaves and pincurls. For a sweet spun-sugar look, comb out your tight curls and add some height. This runway worthy look is best pulled up and secured in a loose bun or twist. A hair accessory artfully inserted in this style will add seasonal whimsy.

Side swept curls

Festive Christmas Hair Accessories

In addition to a pretty updo, hair accessories can add that extra dose of something special. Consider bedecking your updos with any of the following accessories for a dramatic or playful look:

  • Rhinestone Hair Accessory
    Rhinestone hair barrettes
  • Artificial hair extensions
  • Crystal bow pins or barrettes
  • Headbands in a variety of colors, including luxe velvet hues
  • Gold ribbons tied onto ponytails or low braids
  • Jingle bell accessories and ribbons
  • Felted hair pins or barrettes
  • Snowman, Santa or reindeer accessories
  • Crystal snowflake barrettes or vintage style adornments

Dressing your coif for the holidays is a great way to complete your formal look from head to toe. So long as your accessories sparkle and hair is a tad more formal than your daily style, you'll shine with all the glitz and glamour of Christmas.

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